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  • Remote Sensing


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  • English, Extraction of GCP from nighttime AVHRR image (jointly worked), Proc. of The 24th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing & 2003 International Symposium on Remote Sensing ACRS 2003 ISRS , Busan, Korea、CD-ROM IT2, 2003.11, Sumio Tamba,Yoshikazu Iikura

    Research paper (international conference proceedings), Joint Work

  • English, Validity of sea surface temperature observed with the TRITON buoy under diurnal heating conditions (jointly worked), Journal of Oceanography, vol.62 (p.825 - 838) , 2006.12, Yoshimi Kawai, Hiroshi Kawamura, Sumio Tanba, Kentaro Ando, Kunio Yoneyama, Norio Nagahama

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work