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BO Kashin


Assistant Professor

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  • Doctor(Agricultur)

Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification) 【 display / non-display

  • Veterinary medical science


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • English, Effect of different preparation methods of whole crop rice silage on the fermentation quality,digestibility and unhulled rice excretion in cattle, XIIth The Asian・Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies Animal Science Congress Proceedings, 2006.09, 6) Jiachen Fang, Ken-ichi Horiguchi, Toshiyoshi Takahashi, Takeo Kayaba, Chuncheng Xu, Naoko,Moriya, Yimin Cai

    Research paper (international conference proceedings), Joint Work

  • Japanese, Effect of the Addition of Amino Acid By-product to Unhulled Rice and the Treatment of Germination on the Digestibility and Excretion of Indigestible Unhulled rice in Cattle., Japanese Journal of Grassland Science, vol.52 (3) (p.170 - 175) , 2006.10, Jiachen Fang,Ken-ichi Horiguchi,Toshiyoshi Takahashi,Masakazu Goto,Osamu Tanaka

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work

  • Japanese, Effect of ensilage of apple pomace on the nutritive value in sheep, Tohoku Journal of Animal Science and Technology, vol.59 (1) (p.1 - 6) , 2009.06, Fang Jiachen

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work

  • English, Temporary inhibition of germinal vesicle breakdown by rho kinase inhibitor Y-27632 is detrimental to oocyte maturation, Journal of Mammalian Ova Research, vol.28 (126) (p. - 130) , 2011.03, 12) Hiroyuki Suzuki, Kei-ichi Koyama, Katsuya Kabashima, Jiachen Fang, Masatoshi Matsuzaki

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work

  • English, Characterization of biochar-blended composting for carbon offset, Transaction of the Materials Research Society of Japan, vol.36 (4) (p.581 - 584) , 2011.03, 11) Tomnori Sonoki, Koki Suto, Hideki Mizumoto, Toru Furukawa, Kaneaki Kimura, Jiachen Fang,Yoshiyuki Sasaki, Keiji Jindo, Miguel Angel Sanchez Monedero

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work

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