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AKATA Naohumi



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  • Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals


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  • English, Weak size dependence of resuspended radiocesium adsorbed on soil particles collected after the Fukushima nuclear accident, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, vol.172 (p.65 - 73) , 2017, Kaneyasu, N., Ohashi, H., Suzuki, F., Okuda, T., Ikemori, F., Akata, N., Kogure, T.

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work

  • English, Absorbed dose rate in air at the NIFS Site before the deuterium plasma experiment in LHD, Plasma and Fusion Research, vol.12, 2017, Shiroma, Y., Akata, N., Miyake, H., Hayashi, H., Saze, T., Tanaka, M., Nishimura, K.

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work

  • English, Regional and global contributions of anthropogenic iodine-129 in monthly deposition samples collected in North East Japan between 2006 and 2015, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 2017, Hasegawa, H., Ohtsuka, Y., Kakiuchi, H., Akata, N., Hisamatsu, S.

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work

  • English, Measurement system for alpha and beta emitters with continuous air sampling under different exposure situations, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, vol.126 (p.79 - 82) , 2017, Yamada, R., Tamakuma, Y., Iwaoka, K., Hosoda, M., Shiroma, Y., Akata, N., Mizuno, H., Yamada, K., Kuroki, T., Tokonami, S.

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work

  • English, A survey of a high natural radiation spot in Tono area, Japan, Radiation Environment Medicine, vol.6 (p.34 - 38) , 2017.02, Akata, N., Ikeda, T., Minato, S., Shiroma, Y., Shimo, M.

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work

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